About Us

We believe that luxury and natural beauty could found in our everyday lives. And it challenge us to make a different definition of luxury and natural beauty and bring it to our lives. Something that is more than ordinary, it is something that was stylish, extravagant but simple, elegant, and unique, which is marble.
Marble is found around the world, which is why it has been a symbol of luxury in so many cultures. This natural patterning is unrepeatable, each slab is completely unique. Thanks to the presence of various minerals and salts, marble takes on many stunning natural colours, from purest white to shimmering greens.
 Marble has been used to make statues and provide flooring since ancient times. It’s also known as luxurious & expensive things.
To aspire our challenge, we started Marble & Co. Focusing on simple art of home décor and furniture that will enhance your living surrounding with affordable price.
Additional of marble home décor & furniture in our living surrounding will change something ordinary to something gorgeous and luxurious.