Is it Made Of Real Marble?
YES! All of our products are made of 100% REAL marble
and all of them are high quality imported marble.

Is it Ready Stock or Pre Order (PO)?

You can find our ready stock at our partners' stores & online
at Shopee or you also can chat our team for checking the stock.
(Link in our bio) but if it's not ready we will make it for you.

How Long For The PO?

I'll take 10-18 working days (Weekends Excluded)
as for ready items, 4 working days in maximum
for final QC and packing.

Can You Do Custom Orders?

Yes we do and there is no MOQ.
you can send us the model that you
want it details and we'll try our best to fulfill
you needs.

I Want The patterns Look Exactly Like The One In the Picture, Okay?

As we use real marble, you can't get the same patterns 
with the one in our pictures. Within the same material, all of
the patterns are different, but that's the charming point
of marble and of course, our products!