Marble Letter Cubes

Marble & Co.
IDR 45,000.00
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Marble Letter Cubes 400 400
For you who likes unique personalized things, these might be perfect for you. Having your name/brand engraved to be the spotlight in your room/stores.


Small (2x2cm)
Large (3x3cm)
Marble color: White Volakas or Royal Black

How to order:
- Choose your size and color
-Input the quantity of your alphabets (E.g. 5 for 'MARIA')
But what if I want to order 13 alphabets? It's just shows 10 in the maximum order, so how can I order until 13? It's okay, you can edit it manually on the Check Out page
- Write your letter and its color (Gold/Silver) on the note (Note to Seller) before final transaction (E.g. 'MARIA', Gold)
- Our team will contact you to make sure of your order

Standing board is excluded, if you want to order the Standing Board, please go to
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