Nicole Table Set

IDR 3,800,000.00
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Nicole Table Set 10 10
Decorative marble table which will enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your home and living surrounding.
Consist of 3 marble table with different height. You can arrange it in corner or in a line. Choose the one that will suit your home better.

You can choose your favorite marble material as your top table, on frame we use White Volakas
But for selections we have:
- White Volakas
- Royal Black
- Beige
- Silvermint
- Carrara
- Travertine Onyx

Please write your material selections on note.


-Purchasing Marble & Furniture Co. via Website, Only will be sent INVOICE WEBSITE.
- Furniture delivery will use an expedition from Marble & Co. .
- Marble & Co admin. will contact you regarding additional shipping costs.
- Furniture orders will be processed after we receive additional shipping costs, and will be canceled if there is no agreement between the seller and the buyer.

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